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A little push
Meeting new people and sparking conversation seems easy, but many times you find you just canít overcome that silly fear of rejection which keeps you from making a move. Sometimes itís easier to just leave a clue behind and reveal your identity later. Sometimes all you need is that little push. UrbanSeeder lets you anonymously entice someone to move away from a public space and into a private web corner, designated for the two of you.
It's all about Seeds
Urbanseeder is all about Seeds. A Seed is a private box you share with just one other partner you invite. It is a private space for two that you both maintain, exchanging events, music, photos or whatever you wish; An opportunity to grow something together.

Each Seed has a unique number and is planted by leaving a disposable link like this one: www.urbanseeder.com/130-059-059. If you have a partner in mind, and you know their email address, send a Secret Email Seed. If you are out on the prowl, print half a dozen Seeds and carry them with you, to give away.

As a member, you can plant your own Seeds or follow Seeds of others, and grow them all in your Garden of Seeds. Plant your own Seeds now!
Do it yourself. Be Creative
You can design your own Seeds to look just the way you want them. Personalize your UrbanSeeder, print Seeds in different shapes and use sticky or colored paper. Plant Seeds around people or on their belongings when they are distracted. Use a friend or even a waitress to place them somewhere special.
It's about the experience
UrbanSeeder is all about the experience. Relax, have fun, play, take chances, go wild. Do whatever you feel like doing and don't take yourself too seriously. Develop your own style of Seeding. Plant senselessly in order to find the right one. Flirt with many or just focus on one. Plant 3 Seeds daily, or just once a month. Be a practical romantic. Make things happen, and let them happen to you.
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