About us
Operating from a small, intimate street in Midtown Tel Aviv, The Urban Seeders are a group of people trying to incite some love, friendship and mutual growth in the city. Some of us work nights on this unique experiment, and witness the quick pulse of the city slowing down. Some of us work days, while the urban frenzy is at its peak. We truly hope you like our product and take an active part in it!

Your feedback is welcome!

Maya Lotan · user experience and business / a practical romantic · Gil Rimon · technology and content / writes code and words · Shemi Frenkel · user Interface and graphics / and also plays bag pipes · Michal Amram Oded Weigel · graphic elements / AKA michaloded · Jeff Pulver · chairman of board · Noa Bichovsky · brand · Yael Givon · marketing · Ronen Raz · flash and motivation · Noa Amir · QA, good vibrations · Tal Drori · animation · Indigo · superuser · Yaniv Golan · advice and encouragement · Ofer Adler · advice and encouragement ·

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