Frequently Asked Questions
Seed? What?
A seed is a private communication link between 2 people. First you need to pass the link/code/key to the other person, as an offer to communicate, and then, once the seed is accepted, you can communicate privately and anonymously.
Why not just leave my phone number?
If you feel comfortable doing, there is no reason why you shouldn't. However, the Seed can be blocked, can't be passed around and used by more than one person, and provides a shared place to get to know each other and just exchange cool info.
OK, so before i Leave the house I have to print myself seeds and carry them around with me?
yes. Soon there will be other options to get Seeds right there and then. this is coming soon.
How Do I?
Why can't I print more than 12 seeds at a time?
We do this to make sure there is no commercial spam. If you really need more than 12, let us know.
Can I re-enter the seed using the code? or why can't i enter the seed more than once?
This is for your own security. Locking the Seed after the first entry, is for your own safety and privacy, so your Seed does not get passed around, and you make sure that you know who you are interacting with.
Since one side is anonymous, isn't this fertile ground for abuse?
Though it's not political to put this question. Life is fertile ground for abuse, however, since this is a tool for meeting people, we provide tools for you to block and delete seeds forever, so you are secure. We are committed to provide you with more safety tools, and open to hear how you would like things to be.
Do I have to design my Look?
Look, you can take the highway, or do it your way. Use the generic look, maybe identify your gender. That's it. You can also invest, design your look and make your Seeds look just so special.
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